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Madbent was born in exile. His human parents were council members of the exiled Sith Faction, later known as Revan's Legacy. This Faction was formed by a splinter group of rebels, originally Revanchists who joined Revan to fight in the Mandalorian Wars. Later, falling to the Dark Side, they became Dark Jedi who followed Revan in his quest to destroy the Republic. These Dark Jedi, having been trained in the ways of the Sith, were made up of a mix of exceptional scholars of the Force, warriors, as well as weapons, armor, and droid crafters who used their skills to assist Revan in building forces superior to the forces of the Republic.

After Darth Malak's sudden betrayal of Revan, the splinter group attacked the forces of Malak in revenge but were repelled by far more numerous Malak allies. Malak's forces drove this group into exile far into the Outer Rim. On hearing of the Jedi reprogramming Revan into a tool for their use, this splinter group, now demoralized, removed themselves to a secret base that they built on Dathomir - a planet far from both the Republic and Empire.

These Sith were fully aware of Revan and Malak's former contact with the True Sith Empire, and had been tasked by Revan on his return to keep this potentially overwhelming future threat under surveillance. This was accomplished by planting several operatives within the Empire's borders who regularly reported on the activities occurring within its subjugated star systems. While there was initially some debate about possibly joining the True Sith in the Unknown Regions after Malak's victory, the consensus overwhelmingly favored a complete separation - as the most senior members never completely trusted the Sith Emperor's intentions on Dromund Kaas. The reports coming back from the clandestine operatives in the Empire and visions from the Force concerning the Emperor were simply too disturbing. This group had been loyal to Revan only, and would refuse the leadership of all others. They were resolved to live separately from other Dark Side users; intent on creating a new order independent of the Emperor's control guided by the cherished teachings of Revan. They would not play any role in the Great Jedi Purge or subsequent defeat of the Sith Triumvirate by the Jedi Exile that followed the events of the Jedi Civil War.

On Dathomir, a planet rich in Force energy, the group quickly subdued the fearsome native fauna such as semi-sentient rancors and resident Kwa people, then established their society. They were the first humans to inhabit Dathomir. Their philosophy took form in these early years, and RL became intent on the eventual destruction of the Jedi's hold on the Galaxy. Here they remained, in secret, for several generations - three centuries - until the present time.

During the three centuries that Revan's Legacy remained unknown to the galaxy, members of the Faction only intermittently left Dathomir - and only for secret missions endorsed by the Council. These missions typically revolved around eliminating Jedi or other enemies of RL, and on occasion, growing the ranks of the Faction by seeking out powerful new individuals that could be useful to the Faction. Therefore, the only individuals that were to encounter them during this period of exile either lost their lives as a result or chose to join them.

Interestingly, unlike other Sith sects, which were normally highly stratified in rigid hierarchies from a slave class through the sect's leader, Revan's Legacy was rather egalitarian in its organization and culture. It contained only the minimal layers necessary to maintain good order. This approach discouraged excessive and potentially deadly and destructive competition that was typically pervasive in any formal construct of the Sith. Simply put, RL had a membership class, a class made up of members assigned to specific long-term assignments and duties, and the Council, all with equal votes with the Council Overseer guiding general policy and acting as a tiebreaker as necessary. RL did not permit slavery. This organizational structure was remarkably stable, and allowed for the development of a meritocracy; a rather unique concept for Sith. Typically, any members who were found to be subversive to this general order were initially chastised severely, and executed if the behavior continued. Banishment was not an option due to the inherent need to maintain the secrecy of the organization.

Madbent's mother, Dark Lord Zroya, was a former Council Overseer of Revan's Legacy and a powerful force user. His father, Darth Camulus, was once the Council's chief Assassin and Warlord, frequently going off world on clandestine missions to further the secret ambitions of Revan's Legacy.

Unlike many others who followed the Dark Side, Zroya and Camulus did not allow dark energy to corrupt their natural appearances. They wanted to be able to interact with others outside the Faction without - at least intentionally - causing fear or mistrust. This way they were able to further the secret agenda of the Faction, namely, undermining the control and influence of the Jedi.

Since they were two of the most powerful force users Revan's Legacy had known, and were of similar age and had not had their countenances corrupted, Zroya and Camulus were encouraged to produce a child. From this union was born the individual later known as Darth Madbent.

From the time he was in the cradle, Madbent displayed exceptional ability with the Force. He was able to manipulate objects telekinetically from birth, making the job of being his caregiver an especially hazardous occupation with a brief tenure, while being a unique form of entertainment for his parents. Fortunately for his many nannies, Madbent matured quickly intellectually as well, and understood it was not always a good thing to playfully fling people and objects around the room and giggle.

By the time he was four, Madbent was training full time with several RL combat trainers. He learned to be adept with telekinesis, being able to kill others remotely and move objects of virtually any size. While he learned Force Lighting as well, he became a fearsome and extremely skilled user of a lightsaber, being able to fight and defend against multiple skilled opponents with ease. His ability to deflect damage and absorb punishment was never seen before by anyone within Revan's Legacy. He also was skilled as an empath, able to sense thoughts, emotions, and truth in others - as well as possessing an unerring ability to anticipate the future course of events through the Force. Due to his many strengths, he was employed at an early age to lead assassination missions by the Council.

Madbent's personality during these early years could be classified as unusual for a Sith. He was somewhat 'happy go lucky' - often laughing during combat even when taking extreme damage. He enjoyed combat and the other members of Revan's Legacy drew strength from his presence and trusted his leadership. This was also due to the fact that unlike many Sith, Madbent was never predisposed to uncontrollable rages or random malevolent acts. When he killed, it tended to be with a surgical focus suffused with pure joy. When he did get angry, it tended to be due to his extreme sense of attachment, as he was a furious defender of his faction mates when they were threatened.

All too soon, Madbent's life was to change radically. After victoriously completing a significant mission to annihilate a Jedi enclave in the Outer Rim with a large force of young Sith and assassins, his ship, the Valiant, received an emergency transmission from the Council to return to Dathomir immediately. Upon arriving, he and his companions discovered several severely damaged derelict Imperial warships in orbit. After reaching the surface, there was almost unimaginable chaos - hundreds of dead and dying beings, thousands of obliterated droids - and much of their remote base destroyed and the Council slaughtered. The survivors related that a massive attack force composed of dozens of cruisers, thousands of battle droids, and a contingent of Sith from the Empire had discovered and destroyed the base and most of its occupants in an overwhelming sneak attack. Dozens of members of Revan's Legacy and hundreds of support droids and beings had faced off overwhelming numbers of the Emperor's troops and had lost, albeit at huge cost to the Empire. Clearly, the Emperor was expressing his displeasure at Revan's Legacy living apart from and independent of his Empire.

His mother, father, the entire Council and most of the senior members of Revan's Legacy were wiped out. Madbent solemnly and proudly noted that they had gone down fighting to the last - the epicenter of the chaos and the heaviest concentration of dead Imperials surrounded the Council Enclave.

Madbent was elected as the leader of the newly constituted Council, with the most powerful of the remaining members joining him on the Council - all close companions for years - Outlaw, Mercio, Skybruin, and Tonyjaa. Dark Lord PepCfreak was also named as the Chief Warlord of the Faction, replacing Madbent's father.

Mercio had been Madbent's apprentice for a brief time after his original Master was killed by the tribal Ysanna on a mission to Ossus to search for Jedi artifacts. Mercio quickly became more powerful in his final years as a learner accompanying Madbent on various tasks for the Council, becoming both skilled in lightsaber combat and in the propensity to lead. His battle technique closely resembled Madbent's in combat - and when together, they fought as one. Mercio was also an excellent and intuitive listener, and frequently ensured both through direct means and through subtle influence of the Force that the more potentially disruptive elements within the Faction remained in line.

Outlaw was the most promising young Bounty Hunter in Revan's Legacy, adept at using heavy weapons from a distance to obliterate his foes. He never bothered with extensive communication, preferring to annihilate his opposition as soon as he encountered it. It was always predicted that he would eventually lead the Bounty Hunter Division of RL. Outlaw believed that a focus on creating a strike force within RL that could attack with exceptional precision and speed would be critically needed components to the Faction in the new era. Outlaw hailed from the Ordo clan - a proud group of Mandalorians with a storied history.

Tonyjaa was a fearsome Sith Warrior able to inflict incredible damage to his enemies in a spectacularly frenzied way. The mere sight of him in battle caused many of his enemies to simply attempt surrender rather than be slaughtered. No one had seen his particular method of fighting in the history of the Faction. Strangely, he tended to be almost serene when not in battle, drawing other members of Revan's Legacy to him for his advice and teachings. He tended to reinforce stability and balance within RL.

Skybruin was RL's principle Master Crafter, able to create powerful weapons, armor, droids, and other implements of war. He never revealed exactly how he was able to form such things; however many in the Faction suspected that he channeled the Force into secret Sith Alchemy to enable his power. Skybruin also enjoyed delving into dark arts on the battlefield, preferring to drain the life of his opponents and use their power to augment his own, or simply fry his enemies with blasts of lightning. Skybruin tended to be fairly reserved - and known for great wisdom - but prone to slowly building up rage that would eventually result in obliterating those who annoyed him instantly.

PepCFreak was an unusual aberration within RL. Most other members had a clear history that had been extensively investigated before being allowed entry in the Faction, or had been born into it. PepCFreak however was created by the Sith Council as an experiment in Sith Alchemy early in the history of Revan's Legacy. They wanted a perfect assassin to use to further their ends while keeping their founding membership at home on Dathomir. This experiment was never repeated, as although they were successful in imbuing PepC with great power, he turned out to be nearly uncontrollably insane. In his early years, he was prone to unleashing fits of destructive energy that unfortunately killed several innocent members of RL. Eventually, the Council members learned to keep PepC occupied and focused by sending him to lead large scale assassination missions, and encouraged him to indulge his passion for building and manipulating new technologies. 'Pep', as he is affectionately known, is unmatched in his ability to technically dissect both various equipment and enemy combat tactics. Irritatingly, he often had the tendency to pursue his own whims, and at best could be focused on productive efforts on the orders of the Council for a short time.

ECW420, Senior Advisor to the now deceased Council, was found alive aboard the smoking ruin of an Imperial shuttle in the aftermath of the attack. He had been overwhelmed in defense of the Council Enclave and had been knocked unconscious by several thermal detonators thrown at him simultaneously. The Imperials had intended to take him captive and interrogate him back on Dromund Kaas. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated EC's recuperative powers and he awoke shortly after takeoff - and promptly killed the entire shuttle crew, causing the shuttle to crash. EC was sent on long-term clandestine missions in various far-flung systems to influence events to RL's benefit.

One of the other survivors was a recent addition to RL - that being a disciple of the Sorcerers of Tund, Feign. He was in critical condition when he was found in the ruins of the RL base, very near death. Surrounding him were innumerable corpses of those he had slain. Madbent and the rest of the Council were most pleased at Feign's ability to sustain damage from such an assault. Unfortunately, when Feign recovered, he was found to be a bit unstable. He could not be kept from viciously attacking Republic forces and tormenting those he caught mercilessly, even when restraint was called for. Because of this - along with his near indestructibility - he was usually stationed in front-line combat roles, with constant reminders that he needed to at least attempt to bring his cohorts back alive when the mission was complete.

Jephunneh was also a former apprentice of Madbent - his first - having been personally selected as a child shortly after Madbent was given the rank of Sith Lord. Jephunneh proved to be an eager student; learning quickly to channel his passion into productive destruction. He became Madbent's right hand, and was easily able to take on assassination assignments and leadership of lower priority missions at a young age. Madbent persuaded the Council to grant Jephunneh the title of Sith Lord while barely an adult. The Council initially resisted his council, ultimately forcing Madbent to devise a plan to grant Jephunneh the ability to demonstrate his ability.

This opportunity presented itself when RL intelligence received word that the Republic would be finally bringing an end to the Kanz Disorders that had been raging for nearly 300 years by sending a pacifying task force to the Kanz Sector. Since RL had engineered much of the chaos in this conflict over the previous centuries as a means to drain Republic resources, and were ever eager to continue to do so in light of the current Great Galactic War, the Council considered it a priority to intervene again. They ordered Madbent to influence the Argazdan Regent Torphceris to resist the Republic. Madbent agreed to take the assignment. However, he had no intention of personally executing the orders, instead sending Jephunneh to take the critical mission. Jephunneh's performance was an unparalleled success. After hearing about the five hundred million Lordians and five billion others that had died in the Kanz Disorders in total, the Council was incredibly pleased. Madbent was pleased to reveal that he had ordered his apprentice Jephunneh to undertake the mission in his stead, proving his ability to accurately assess readiness and potential.

Begrudgingly, the Council immediately promoted Jephunneh to the rank of Sith Lord, becoming the youngest yet in RL to yet hold this title. He now serves the Council by using his tactical skills to lead critical and high-intensity missions requiring quick thinking due to a changing circumstances and insufficient intelligence.

For several years, Madbent led Revan's Legacy on a new path, focused now on vengeance - and the destruction of the Empire itself. Madbent felt that Revan's Legacy should stop at nothing until the Emperor himself was finally destroyed, and was eager to do this personally. Eventually, they reconciled with the Empire after years of devastating reprisals against the Emperor's forces who had attacked them, only forging an uneasy truce after the Empire's emissaries promised a prominent role for RL in the war against the Republic and generous resources and influence in exchange for a permanent cease fire. This decision was not initially a unanimous one. As was the custom within RL, matters were debated fiercely within the confines of the Council until the path forward was agreed upon. Most Council members opposed Madbent's desire to continue the war against the Empire after what seemed to be a genuine offer of peace was given repeatedly and forthrightly. And in a significant development that proved to be pivotal, several members of the Council and RL membership - notably Skybruin, Xeliv Faust, and Madbent himself - had identical visions that clearly showed the Revan was in fact still alive in the present day - but somehow trapped - somewhere within the Empire. It became an immediate priority to investigate these visions. Consequently, the Emperor's offer and generous terms were accepted.

It was never discovered who had led the attack on their base. The Imperial emissaries that were initially dispatched to repair relations between RL and the Empire were immediately imprisoned and interrogated personally by Madbent. These emissaries under excruciating torture claimed that the Sith Lord who led the attack had died in the assault. Madbent knew this not to be the truth, and frustrated with his captives after hours of these brutal interrogations, he invariably crushed the life out of them in disgust. He realized that in all probability these emissaries simply were not briefed on the details of what was likely a highly classified operation in order for their knowledge to not become a liability. This however did nothing to dissuade his anger and desire for retribution.

It was however later discovered how Revan's Legacy were discovered on the remote world of Dathomir. Several of their operatives were discovered as the result of an extensive and thorough purge of possible disloyal elements initiated within the Empire by the Emperor prior to the onslaught of his forces upon the Republic. The Emperor wanted to ensure that there were no disruptive elements within his borders before launching his war. A coordinated effort from his trusted assassin Lord Scourge and Imperial Intelligence led to the identification of a long-serving RL intelligence officer posing as wealth arms merchant in Kaas City. Upon his painful interrogation, he had revealed the location of the hidden RL base on Dathomir.

Madbent was forever changed and embittered by the untimely deaths of his parents. He no longer found easy joy in life, only finding pleasure when in combat and in the destruction of his opponents. He became far more sarcastic in tone when he did speak, and did not enjoy company outside of that of his closest brethren within Revan's Legacy.

Upon the Emperor's communication that he would need the forces of Revan's Legacy and other independent sects to join his war against the Republic, Madbent knew Revan's Legacy would require new leadership for this paradigm change to its focus - now openly pursuing it's agenda across the Galaxy after 300 years of exile. He knew he would not be able to lead authentically in partnership with the Empire he still detested; but also realized if he pressed continued conflict that it would lead to the end of the Faction and the philosophy he held so dear.

After extensive meditation and thorough examining of the likely outcomes of various strategies through the Force, he approached the other members of the Council to support Mercio in becoming the new Council Overseer, as he was convinced Mercio would be the one best suited to lead them in the new era. Mercio had a balanced approach that both inspired respect within Revan's Legacy and deceived outsiders into trusting him. Madbent also understood that Mercio had a superior ability to suppress emotional outbursts that could be utterly self-destructive in dealing with the Empire. The Council unanimously supported the decision.

During this period of introspection and the subsequent transition in RL's leadership to Mercio, the Sith Empire was in the midst of its war against the Republic, which had began years prior with the sudden attack on the Republic's space station garrison at Korriban and annexing the ancient home of the Sith. In successive lighting strikes shortly thereafter, the Empire quickly seized numerous other worlds and struck terror in the minds of the leaders and citizens of the Republic. Encouraged by this continued decisive action on the part of the Empire and feeling the growing strength of the dark side permeating the galaxy, the RL Council reached out to Imperial contacts and asked to collaborate on joint strikes against the Jedi to speed the Sith's inevitable victory. This would only further their goal to ingratiate themselves to the Empire, thereby enabling their investigation into Revan's whereabouts to proceed further. This request was immediately granted.

In this first mission allied with the Empire, Mercio led the Council in support of Darth Malgus and his spectacular attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, with Revan's Legacy forming the core of the Sith attack force on the stolen Republic shuttle.

This supporting force was required to report to Lord Adrass, a handpicked young Sith closely allied with Malgus's superior, Darth Angral. Adrass was incredibly condescending to the Revan's Legacy Sith, and was only saved from Madbent killing him by Mercio's firm insistence that he stay his hand. Madbent sensed through the Force that Adrass was responsible for leading the attack on RL's Dathomir base, and planned to kill him at an opportune moment in secret. However, he sensed that shortly after the successful sack on the Jedi Temple that Darth Malgus, whom Madbent greatly respected, would eventually do this for him. Madbent later learned - with much satisfaction - when Lord Adrass met his demise at the hands of Malgus.

Several years into the period of simmering open conflict known as the 'Cold War', Revan's Legacy experienced devastating losses to their numbers from the continuous pace of operations the Empire was relying on them to complete. Mercio privately worried that RL was not finding enough soldiers to continue the crusade against the Jedi. Since Mercio felt that Madbent's potentially destructive passion and hatred for the Empire had waned, he decided to withdraw as RL's leader, and return power to Madbent. Madbent had rebuilt Revan's Legacy from the ashes before - and determined to do so again.