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Revan's Legacy  -  Imperial Guild, Shadowlands Server, Star Wars: The Old Republic, SWTOR
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Star Wars: The Old Republic - PC - Star Forge (US)

Star Forge (US) - PvE

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Bounty Hunter
class Powertech (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Mercenary (Healing,Ranged DPS)
class Imperial Agent
class Sniper (Ranged DPS)
class Operative (Healing,Melee DPS,Ranged DPS)
class Sith Inquisitor
class Assassin (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Sorcerer (Healing,Ranged DPS)
class Sith Warrior
class Juggernaut (Tank,Melee DPS)
class Marauder (Melee DPS)
Recruitment information
Tired of being in a do nothing guild devoid of activities? Join Revan's Legacy, a guild united since March 2005. We are eternal, no one comes close to our stability. If you'd like to find a permanent family, you may apply here via our site, or find us in game.

We are on the Shadowlands server, moving here in Spring 2016 after leaving Prophecy of the Five due to the decline in activity of that server. We are still the number one guild of all time on that server in Conquest!

Since moving to the Shadowlands, we quickly established ourselves as the most active guild on the server (we maintain a roster of 375 actives), and most united. While some large guilds are just happy to get a conquest title, we seek to maintain a welcoming community that people feel at home in.

Our requirements are simple: subscribers only, be mature (attitude not age!), and we don't want to house your random alt - we want your play time to be with us only.

We are active in Operations and all other PvE content, PvP (including open world and Ranked), GSF, Galactic Conquest, and some RP events (including producing in-game movies).

We hope to see you soon!
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Casual Roleplaying Hardcore Raiding voice TS3
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