Revan's Legacy is a community driven guild that spans all gameplay types. We run conquest, PVE, PVP, social events that include achievement runs or other things that are just plain fun! While we do have serious players, we don't view the game as a job. It should be fun, not a grindfest. Our most important rule is be respectful and mature. We remove members who reflect poorly on us.

We typically enact a toon limit once we are over 900 characters in-guild. When this happens, we ask members to limit themselves to 8 characters in-guild, though they may rotate toons in and out as they need during this time. Also, just a reminder, we do have a 30-day inactivity policy. But, if any (or all) of your characters have been dropped for inactivity, just simply contact us on the website, in TS, or in-game and we'll immediately shoot you a re-invite. Guild invites can be sent by the ranks of Headhunter, Officer, Marshal, and Council Member (likewise, if you ever have any issues in-guild find any of these).

Also - our preference is that you make Revan's Legacy your center of activity in game. Accordingly, we prefer our members consolidate any actively used alts with us, as having our players spread out everywhere limits our peak time activity and cohesion. While, we do NOT require players to be exclusively in our guild, we enjoy players that want to be a part of us as it maintains a strong community. Plus, it benefits you, the player, in being able to familiarize yourself with your guildmates.

We have a ranking system, which you may feel free to learn more about HERE. Each rank gains more benefits, such as, summons, more repair funds, and more Guild Bank access (Guild Bank Policy can be seen HERE). We use conquest as our initial way to rank members up in the guild. Also, in that regard, we are always on the lookout for new leaders in our guild. Our leaders do many things to help the guild in a variety of ways and we pay them credits to reward them for their time. To tread the pathway of leadership, one must first make the rank of Soldier. Learn more about our leadership roles HERE.

We have a variety of events that take place that are typically posted on our event calendar, forums, and in-game. Tuesday night is our Guild OPs Night where we enjoy taking members through the group finder operation regardless if you've never done it before. OPs can be lots of fun. The sign up can be found under the events dropdown tab, or just click HERE.

Groups for OPs and other group content forms regularly, usually in TS first before open spots are asked to fill in guild chat... so GET IN TEAMSPEAK ALREADY. Our TS info is in our guild window in-game. Please, don't feel shy – we are all here to do the same thing, play some Star Wars and have a good time. If you first log into TS and no one is in your channel, feel free to pop into a channel with folks in it and say hello (unless it's denoted as having a HM In-Progress). People tend to congregate in channels even if they aren't currently running content. Get to know us, we shall try to get to know you as well.

We are always happy to help out if you ever have any questions. You will find that we are a very helpful & knowledgeable community. Some more in-depth SWTOR information can be found at Dulfy.net, in our own forums, or the all-powerful Darth Google. Also, feel free to check out our flagship, the Revanant! It is fully unlocked and deco-ed. It's where we hang out - and it's AWESOME! For any addition information or links to information mentioned above, simply go to our Data Archives.

Thank you for choosing Revan's Legacy as your new SWTOR home. We are so glad to have you aboard. WELCOME & ENJOY!!!