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Revan's Legacy began in March 2005 as Morpheus' Legacy in the MMO Matrix Online. ML formed the first week of MxO's release by a core group of players who enjoyed the Matrix story, and had an affinity for the way Morpheus led and fought in the Matrix Trilogy. MxO was different than most MMOs, as it was very story driven, with significant input and participation in events by the player population. ML members were a core part of many of these events as the post Matrix Revolutions storyline unfolded.

MxO had a three-faction system, aligned to Zion, the Machines, and the Merovingians. Each was hostile to each other. Morpheus' Legacy was aligned to the Zion Faction - focused on freedom of the enslaved human population. Over time, ML became the dominant Guild within one of MxO's three servers, the sole PvP server Vector. During the closing weeks of MxO's existence, Morpheus' Legacy swept the server-wide competition called the Vector Olympics, winning nearly all events, including Team PvP.

Sadly, the Matrix Online suffered from a problematic launch, with its proprietary engine far too advanced to run well on many machines, as well as numerous bugs. The player base rapidly contracted and despite the unique approach to the MMO genre, MxO continued as a small, niche game. In summer 2009, the Matrix Online ended for good.

At nearly the same time, Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced to the public with the amazing 'Deceived' trailer. The membership of Morpheus' Legacy decided to stick together and reform as Revan's Legacy, as many had been fans of the Knights of the Old Republic games that SWTOR is based upon. During the intervening two years between the close of MxO and beta play of SWTOR, the members of RL played games like Star Wars Galaxies together to stay connected. They also advertised and picked up a significant population of new players to join them who were also excited about the new game.

Revan's Legacy launched as one of the largest Imperial guilds on the PvP server Helm of Graush. As long time players of SWTOR know, the game launched explosively then experienced a rapid consolidation of activity and servers. RL was placed in the mega PvP server Prophecy of the Five, where we remained for a few years. RL was the dominant guild on Pot5, winning galactic conquest on virtually every week with large margins by virtue of our large, stable, and dedicated member base.

Pot5 however has experienced a steady decline in population, as the largest PvE servers began to draw in the majority of the player base. When it was announced that each server would essentially be both PvE and PvP based on play choice, the RL Council made the unanimous decision to move to the Shadowlands server in May 2016, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain our population on Pot5. We quickly took over as the most active and stable guild there. In 2017, server consolidations occurred again, as the Shadowlands was merged with others to form the Star Forge server.

Revan's Legacy offers players a fun, welcoming environment with 'Hard-Core Casual' players that like to win in PvP, Operations/FPs, GSF, Server Events, and yes - even a little RP from time to time if you are in to that kind of thing!

We are eternal. If you'd like to be part of this stable community to call your permanent home, join today!

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